Enable and TLS to Become One Agency

After months of deliberation, the Board of Directors for Enable and the Board of Directors for Transitional Living Services (TLS) have agreed that it is in the best interests of both agencies to merge.  The two agencies will form one not-for-profit corporation and adopt a new name as soon as practicable.  The new agency will bring together over 100 years of service to people with varying abilities in Central New York.  In an era of serious government and tax-based shortfalls, both Boards recognized the need to achieve the efficient and effective use of taxpayer and donor dollars to enhance individualized, person-centered services.

The two agencies will enter into a temporary parent-subsidiary relationship.  Enable will serve as the “corporate parent” of TLS.  Effective July 1, 2013, Prudence York, the Executive Director of Enable, will assume executive responsibility for both agencies.  The Board members of each agency will join together to become one Board, led by Co-Presidents Brian Hoke and Ricky Ryder. 

One thing will not change: the Board and staff of the new agency will continue to focus on providing high quality services to those already receiving services and to those who will need support in the future.      

For questions about this transition, please call the Enable Communications Department at (315) 410-3383.