Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Enable enhances the quality of life for people with developmental or physical disabilities through an array of services.

Vision Statement

Enable will provide a life-long array of supportive programs and services for children and adults with developmental, physical or health-related disabilities and their families, which results in improved quality of life.  Services will be provided in an efficient, effective and well-funded manner, involving empowered participants and qualified staff.  Enable staff, participants and volunteers will feel pride in the organization.  Enable will be well known and respected in the Central New York community.


Choice - Individuals with disabilities and their families need a range of viable options and opportunities for service. Participants should be full members of decision-making teams. A variety of factors may influence available choices.

Inclusion - The philosophy of inclusion holds that people with disabilities can and should engage in the same family, work, play, home and school activities as people without disabilities. Supports should be provided in natural environments, in collaboration with providers of similar services designed for people without disabilities.

Empowerment - Through empowerment, people with disabilities have control over their own lives. Greater independence is achieved when people become informed about their options and gain experience in making decisions. Accessibility is an essential component of empowerment.

Family Involvement - Enable respects the involvement of family members and natural support advocates in the lives of our participants. Enable services will be provided in a culturally sensitive manner that reflects the wishes of participants

Individualization - Enable's services are person-centered. Individualization encompasses the philosophies of self-direction, self-determination, and person-first. Services may be delivered in groups, but goals are unique to each individual served.